In our Summer Seminar you will  Refresh like never  before. 

We live in precarious times. Every single one of us need invigorating Torah. Enter the borders of Eretz Yisroel and bond with her Embrace of Emunah, Bitachon, Torah and Tefilla. You feel right at home in our Mattersdorf villa. We start the day with a morning surge of Tefilla and we take 2 life altering classes, have delicious lunch and head out for a Tour. The Trips are a talented blend of education and fun. An array of certified Tour Guides enrich your experience and the Mussar Marathon tops off your day. The 2 Shabbatons are proficiently designed to make the most of your 2 Shabbosos. The Mattersdorf Villa Shabbaton is an organized optional Shabbos. The Meron / Tzfas Shabbaton retreat is mandatory. Participants are carefully handpicked and we do not mix age-groups in the same room or floor. 3 scrumptious meals are available and the food is B’Hashgachas Eidah HaChareidis. Rabbonim like Rabbi Yaakov Altman, Rabbi Shmuel Baron, Rabbi Shimon Heller, Rabbi Yitzchok Jaeger, Rabbi Don Perkal, Rabbi M.Y. Turner, Rabbi Wenglin elevate your experience. Rebbetzin’s like Rebbetzin Rochel Friedman, R’ Zahava Fleischman, R’ Hindy Ullman, R’ Shula Abensour, R’ Rachel Nathan, R’ Riki Kaplan and yet more, add eternal  mileage to your summer! Whenever appropriate, a Kumzitz crowns the evening crescendo. The cost for these two enriching weeks is $3k. Utilize summer. Revitalize your realest self. Refresh! We anticipate an unmatched summer with, hopefully, Moshiach Tzidkeinu in our midst, Yerushalayim ih”K.