Shana Bais Program

Havineini Shana Bais
was founded by Rebbetzin Hindy Ullman in 2014,
as a post-seminary accreditation program.

Havineini Shana Bais was founded by Rebbetzin Hindy Ullman in 2014, as a post-seminary accreditation program.

Havineini excels in its ability to develop a warm rapport with students and its understanding of what a girl needs to achieve her goals in both the outside and inner realms of her life. While the actual learning at Havineini revolves around its stellar Limudei Kodesh curriculum, Havineini’s customized academic program is specifically designed in a way that enables students to easily and efficiently complete their BA on an individual basis during their six-month stay. 

A Post Seminary Accreditation Program

Havineini provides post-seminary students with accredited courses, allowing them to accumulate credits towards a B.A. while they are immersed in high level Torah learning. These advanced classes, vaadim and shiurim consist of highlighted sections of Tanach and pertinent seforim, and are taught by the highest caliber Rabbanim and educators.

With a life-altering Torah based curriculum under the auspices of an experienced and highly regarded mechaneches, a newly updated and luxurious dorm, and exhilarating weekly trips all over Eretz Yisroel, Havineinu is the premiere experience for post seminary students who want to continue their learning while moving on to the next stage in life.

Havineini Is Unique

Amazing weekly trips & Shabbatons also make Havineini unique!

Students experience incredible and eye-opening trips to the Biblical Zoo, Yad Vashem, and the Klei HaMidkash tour. They also enjoy a tour of the Machana Yehuda Shuk, a beach bonfire, and a major excursion to the snowy mountains of the Chermon. Havineini students also make unforgettable memories on inspiring and uplifting Shabbatons in Beitar, Givat Zev, Tveria and many more holy cities.

Student Body

The Havineini Shana Bais class is comprised of top quality post-seminary graduates. There is a nice blend of madrichot and students, with approximately half of the students living in the dorm.

Some Havineini Shana Bais students hold positions as madrichot at various prestigious seminaries, living off campus while still enjoying the empowering experience at Havineini.

Learning Program

The phenomenal learning experience we provide is gleaned from deep Chassidish and Mussar sources. It is especially geared for Madrichot who seek to fortify their kochos with Torah energy so that they can recharge, refuel and lead with ongoing vigor and refreshed energy. 

The classes are authentic, text-based, and unique in nature. The program begins after Succos and ends at the start of Nissan. Its time-table is designed to provide Madrichot ample acclimation time at the start and the end of their year.

"We have a Makom where we are filled beyond the brim and
overflowing with energy we go back home to our chanichot!”

“I had to complete my degree online and thought why should I be stuck in the States, when I can finish my degree, enjoy Havineini, and be in Eretz Yisroel at the same time?”

"Havineini is a phenomenal choice for any growth-oriented student wanting an
all-encompassing second year of Aliya and accomplishment in Eretz Yisroel."

"It’s every Madricha’s dream!"


“Everyone loves Havineini!”


Pninat Chemed Dormitory

The Pninat Chemed building is nestled in the hub of Yerushalayim.

Weekly Trips & Shabbatons

Havineinu students make unforgettable memories with exciting trips
and inspiring Shabbatons in many holy cities across Eretz Yisroel.

'סמינר הבינני ב"י שנה ב

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