So Inspiring, So Relatable


Rebbetzin Ullman, a brilliant chinuch visionary, was instrumental in building prestigious high schools and seminaries. This time around, it is her rich vision for the accomplished student – without any compromises.  

Her handpicked Mechaneches Rebbetzin Rochel Friedman (Aishes Rosh Yeshiva “Rav Yaakov Friedman shlita”)  and the select Rabbonim and Rebbetzin faculty – are constituents of her  high-minded vision: a lifelong success-path for the capable, mature and gifted student.  

The N’shei Chayil of tomorrow are fortunate to learn in a Makom Torah, where Tanach, Halacha, Mussar, and Emunah are presented with the unmatched blend of Ahavas HaTorah – and Ahavas Yisroel.

The all-star faculty of BY Havineini is expertly selected by Rebbetzin Hindy Ullman. In her idealism, the seforim and kisvei kodesh are chosen first. A meticulous match-making ensues as she handpicks exemplary role models for each of the Kodesh courses.

The BYH staff forms a remarkably well-balanced unit, as well.

The scope, the variety, and the talent are accomplished – to benefit the student.

Review the proud BYH faculty of 5784:

Rav Binyomin Jacobson

Rav Binyomin Jacobson, a unique Talmid Chochom and Baal Mussar – is at the helm of the Nevi’im Rishonim course. Rav Jacobson who is particularly in charge of Sefer Melochim  fine-tunes the sensitivities available to the Novi learner. Students will notice subtleties in Yiras Shomayim, that they hadn’t noticed prior. A weekly opportunity to glean from the Rav leaves indelible ruchniyus sensitivities on our Talmidos.

Rabbi Chanoch Teller

Rabbi Chanoch Teller, renowned author and teacher of Mesorah / Igros–  captures the living Hashpa’ah of our Gedolim. Rabbi Teller revives the vibrancies of Torah and Avodah that were prevalent in Yeshivos, Kehilos, and shtetls of yesteryear. He often adds a famous Sicha, Ma’mar or Igeres  belonging to the said Gadol.   

Rabbi Don Perkal

Rabbi Don Perkal, a Rosh Yeshiva, shares his time and vast knowledge of Ramchal’s Daas Tevunos.  Rabbi Perkal’s inimitable style simplifies deep and esoteric concepts. Daas Tevunos elucidates the immutable principles of Mishpat, Moshiach & Techias HaMeisim – the pertinent Emunah pointers for contemporary times!     

Rabbi Dovid Fleischman

Rabbi Dovid Fleischman, a renowned Talmid Chochom  and Yad’an – teaches Sefer Shmuel  in exhilarating speed. Rav Fleischman represents the gifted blend of gilu & r’ada, as he spans verse by verse and gleans priceless lessons from Rishonim and from Rav A. Miller’s didactic Novi  prism.  

Rabbi Shimon Heller

Rabbi Shimon Heller’s transfixing Sefer Daniel & Yesodos B’Chumash courses present Tanach on a platter. Rabbi Heller’s spellbinding storyline always reveals an enthralling chain of episodes. Rabbi Heller’s 3-times-a-week appearance is unique to Havineini seminary!  From Milchemes Gog UMagog to Yesodos B’Chumash, his mesmerizing classes will transform your sem year, for sure! 

Rabbi Yitzchok Jaeger

Rabbi Yitzchok Jaeger, renowned author and baki, shares his extensive knowledge in his Hilchos Shabbos and D’var Halacha classes. If you were ever deceived that Halacha is boring, you simply did not attend Rabbi Jaeger’s classes! The Rav’s upbeat presence, clarity, and engaging presentation – brew constant joy in the classroom.

Rabbi Yossi Cohen

Rabbi Yossi Cohen teaches select excerpts from Sefer Shoftim.  Rabbi Cohen picks Pshat, Remez & Drush from our exquisite mesorah orchard and highlights newfound gems and practical lessons. His classes always offer surprises!

Mrs. Ayala Garfinkel

Mrs. Ayala Garfinkel, tutor and weekly Quiz coordinator organizes and oversees students on individual and group levels, during the Thursday quiz-series program. Her concise chazara ability and clock-work quiz records – provide weekly feedback for students. This bolsters students to move forward and upward.

Rebbetzin Bashie Hardt

Rebbetzin Bashie Hardt, imparts her famous  HaBayis HaYehudi course with the sheer sweetness which flows from unsullied Tahara, reflected by ideals from her incredible Torah’dig  home!

Mrs. Bassi Gilden

Mrs. Bassi Gilden teaches the praiseworthy Sefer Halleli Nafshi.  Her Pre-Tefilla classes, derived from this effective work, create imagery and ‘worlds behind words’, in one’s holy Siddur.  Our Rakezet Boker, Mrs. Gilden brightens the room – with a sophisticated Shacharis awareness.

Mrs. Debbie Blachor

Mrs. Debbie Blachor –  Administrative secretary and medical Supervisor, is the quintessence of a mother and Mechaneches, par excellence. Driven by Yiras Shomayim, devotion, and proficiency, Mrs. Blachor is in constant touch with students, parents, medical staff, and sem staff, to ensure each student’s total well-being. Her non-stop dedication is a rare prize! She also conducts the Chofetz Chaim Yomi program.

Miss Esther Freudiger

Miss Esther Freudiger, an expert Novi teacher, covers Sefer Yehoshua in her animated and simcha’dig style. Her classes heighten one’s appreciation for Novi. Her Hachana shiur underpins the text and unveils lessons behind a seemingly simple plot in Nach.

Mrs. Hadassa Kosovsky

Mrs. Hadassa Kosovsky, an exemplary Haftorah teacher, imparts Haftoras HaShavua  in Lashon HaKodesh  (& English), and in a unique high-minded style. Her packed content and fast pace keep students eager and able, in and out of class.

Rebbetzin Hindy Ullman

Rebbetzin Hindy Ullman, designed the encompassing Keser Torah  course. This threefold curriculum explores Meforshei HaParsha,  taps the Chodesh, and captures the Chovos Halevovos chapter at hand. Joined by volumes of Rambam, Shlah, and Maharal, this dimensional Torah platform unites students with all-time Ahavas HaTorah!   

Mrs. Leah Ehrenreich

Mrs. Leah Ehrenreich, Aim HaBayit permeates the dorm with motherly care and high standards of self-respect. Her solid Hashkafos and kindheartedness will always be present. She is our never-failing Aim Bayit!

Mrs. Malky Ort

Mrs. Malky Ort, brings over a decade of administrative expertise.  Our secretary, her office proficiency, chinuch effectiveness, and positive company make the office a superb energy source.

Rebbetzin Mindy Levine

Rebbetzin Mindy Levine imparts Sefer Shoftim  with a unique focus on the Jewish woman and the Torah Home. Mrs. Levine’s classes are invigorating, heartwarming and practical!

Rebbetzin Naomi Winkler

Rebbetzin Naomi Winkler, our Chumash Bamidbar Mechaneches – weaves together Mikra, Rashi, and Meforshim with eloquence, as well as, elegance.  Her proficiency and speed suffuse the classroom with inspirational Torah  – which overflows beyond class time.

Mrs. Ora Leiman

Mrs. Ora Leiman, our Limud Atzmi tutor, shares her big heart and mind as she helps students complete their weekly quiz series and monthly reports. Everything in BYH becomes manageable with the esteemed larger staff and with Mrs. Leiman’s help.

Mrs. Rachel Nathan

Mrs. Rachel Nathan, a woman brimming with Chovos Halevovos ideals, teaches Rabbeinu Bachya’s work, with the unmatched combo of vigor, joy, accuracy & Emes. She does this all b’hachna’ah !

Rebbetzin Rochel Friedman

Rebbetzin Rochel Friedman, imparts Toras HaBayis, verbally and emblematically. Her engaging classes fuel the classroom, as well as, the future homes of our Bnos Aliya. Rebbetzin Friedman instills core values, like the prized element of Kavod HaBa’al, the inherent joy in bearing children, and occasional hands-on Shabbos cooking activity. 

Mrs. Shula Abensour

Mrs. Shula Abensour, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, Mishna Berurah & Eidus Mizrach course:  Our students span portions in the Kitzur that pertain to unmarried women. Mrs. Abensour is a role model in halicha and halacha –  augmented by Kitzur standards. 

Mrs. Toby Stern

Mrs. Toby Stern, teaches Pirkei Avos in Bekius and B’Iyun formats. A woman of virtue and seder, Mrs. Stern is endeared by all! She serves also as the BYH Attendance Supervisor and conducts weekly meetings with students. 

Rebbetzin Zahava Fleischman

Rebbetzin Zahava Fleischman teaches the life-altering Pre-Tefilla course. Her fervor fuels the morning! Her 20-minute class transforms a mundane hour into a Tefilla hour!