Bais Yaakov Havineini-BYH
בית יעקב הבינני

Bais Yaakov Havineini
בית יעקב הבינני

Shana Alef-BYH

Photo from Rebbetzin Ullman's 5781 class at Binas Bais Yaakov

Photo from Rebbetzin Ullman's 5781 class at Binas Yerushalayim

Endorsed by Rav Elya Brudny, Rav Simcha
B. Cohen, and Rav Gershon Bess Shlita

Endorsed by Rav Elya Brudny, Rav Simcha B. Cohen, and Rav Gershon Bess Shlita

Your Complete
Seminary Experience

Stimulating learning

Thrilling extra-curricular programs

Vibrant atmosphere

All-star staff and educators

Growth-focused BY graduates

Our Academic Goal
Is Not Just About
Your Transcript

BY Havineini offers life-altering classes based on traditional and timeless seforim such as Tanach, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, Chovos Halevovos, Sifrei Chofetz Chaim, Sheh’arim  B’Tefilla, and more.

You Can Only Grow
If You Know

This is your year to grow;
your year to know. 

Havineini maps it all out from the second you land!

Hear From
Our Students

BY Havineini knows just what it takes to make this extra special year one that will maximize all the amazing opportunities Eretz HaKodesh has to offer.

At BY Havineini, we provide life-enriching tools that will carry over well beyond your seminary year, allowing you to implement them into daily life for years to come.

Our unique program is not designed to change a student’s essence; rather, it opens your eyes to discover the endless potential that is already inside you waiting to be nurtured.

A Step Up From High School

Seminary can be a transformative year, but it shouldn't be just another thirteenth grade...

It's All About You &
What You Can Gain

There is so much to be
gained in one year...

At our accelerated pace, we cover incredible ground on the scholastic end, and we traverse every accessible corner in Eretz HaKodesh, too!

Our carefully thought-out curriculum beautifully compliments the exhilarating extra-curricular programming we provide our students. Our exciting trips and inspiring shabbatons reflect the fascinating lessons taught in Parsha and Navi classes.

Every Chovos Halevovos chapter or kapittel of Tehilim comes alive against the backdrop of the historical landmarks we visit!

The Chovos Halevovos

Masterpiece Program

The Chovos Halevovos course taught at BY Havineini makes Ahavas HaTorah intuitive and self-explanatory.

Even though it is taught only twice a week, the course was designed qualitatively and creatively.


  • Whet your appetite for all the other amazing Tanach, Halacha, Tefilla, Aishes Chayil and Tehillim courses.

  • Set the stage for you to delve into life-altering sefarim, igniting your cheshek to aspire for more.

  • Take you from a place of having to do things to wanting to do them.

  • Quench your thirst for knowledge of ideas you never knew existed, yet, are right in front of you!

  • Create a roadmap to maintaining emunah and bitachon in a seemingly precarious world.

  • Expand your meforshim skills and ability to learn Sifrei Kodesh with ease and fluency; whether as a teacher, mentor, mother, or just for yourself.

BY Havineini gives you the perfect balance between academics & fun

Utilize your creativity and expand your knowledge with: Shabbatons Yemei Iyun The Annual Production Multimedia Presentations The Ice-Breaker Kick Off

Yom Kippur Kattan shul visits

The Mishna Torah Yomis program

Inspiring Vaadim

Incredible Chanuka Lehodos U’Lehallel workshops

The Zos Chanuka trip

Beautiful Hallel Kumzitzes

Opportunities to receive brachos from Gedolei Yisroel

Are Sure To Enhance
Your Year!

Nothing makes parents happier than seeing their daughter become the best version of herself

Nothing makes parents happier than seeing their daughter become the best version of herself