An Experience Where Seforim Become Handbooks and Companions For Years to Come; Etched into One's Personality.


When our rich Jewish heritage of kisvei kodesh and seforim become curricular guides, it is a league unlike any other.

we cover a wide range of seforim, with our students’ success in mind.


  • Breishis
  • Shemos
  • Bamidbar
  • Devarim – our unique Mishna Torah Yomis 36 day expo.
  • The Comprehensive Parsha Curriculum


  • Yehoshua

  • Shoftim

  • Shmuel

  • Melochim

  • Haftoras HaShavua

  • Daniel

  • Megillos

  • Tehillim

  • The BYH Hallel Program

Keser Torah

A weekly guide by Rashi, Ramban, Baal HaTurim and the Shlah– opens a unique vista in the Parsha, Chodesh, Mo’ed and Mussar – all in one.


The Kitzur Shulchan Aruch course: 

We span the Halachos pertaining to unmarried women – utilizing the Mishnah Berurah

We provide our Sephardic students with HaRav Eliyahu’s Halacha Pesuka.  We have the  unsurpassed privilege to be taught by Rabbi Y. Jaeger shlita – Halachic scholar and author of over 18 halachic volumes.


The Pre-תפלה curriculum: we capture the morning’s first 20 minutes to learn and develop our Koach HaTefillah

We span significant parts of Sefer Halleli Nafshi, the Be’ur Tefilla of Rav Avigdor Miller’s Siddur.


The Chovos Halevovos curriculum: we explore the medieval classic in depth, in bekius, textually and sequentially.

We study well over 20 perakim, visiting the philosophies of every single sha’ar in a mere 6 month stretch. A proficient schedule and infrastructure facilitate this.        

Synopsis: The 10 שערים


We inculcate the tenets of Shema, from the Pesicha  of Gate I of Sefer Chovos Halevovos.  We supplement its fundamentals with portions from Rashi,  the Rambam, and the Reishis Chochma

We work through Shaar HaBechina  in a 5 week initiative and we experience its life-enriching content hands-on.

We peruse Shaar HaBitachon  to practice our Emunah on a daily basis.


An Iyun Chumash course highlights Shabbos through all of the five Chumashim.

This may seem like quite a workload! Yet when passion, joy, and talent meet presentation, everyone becomes a part of the unique whole!


Reports are designed to solidify your Hashkafos in a concrete way. They make the learning your own. The BY Havineini reports are of high educational value. Their stimulating and relevant content fuels one’s potential to partake and to succeed.

Hallel Program

Prior to Rosh Chodesh and Yom Tov, “Hallel”  becomes alive – its beauty unlocked – with high-minded spirit and style. Meet Havineini’s transformative Hallel kumzitzes. 

College Programs

  • We collaborate with Touro, Eastwick, Excelsior, TI, TTI, Sara Schenirer and more.  

    Your seminary education is the perfect transcript; and is accepted by most colleges.

    • FAFSA and state government scholarships are readily available. 

Yemei Iyun

We celebrate! We devote entire days and weeks to exploring topics of relevance and importance.  Theme related guest speakers, corresponding trips, great refreshments, studio recorded productions, and more on the creative horizon – are sure to keep you spellbound as you master the Yom Iyun theme.

The Certified BYH Teacher’s Training Program

This program walks each student along the teaching journey and one’s own educational dream.  With class observations and model lessons, students gain confidence and expertise under the care of our professional staff.